Monday, August 9, 2010

The reason you’re rear view mirror is much smaller than you’re windshield, is because you’re future is much clearer, and much larger than you’re past. -anonymous ♥

How to Safely Get a Bikini Wax |

How to Safely Get a Bikini Wax |

So as most of you know I got my first Bikini Wax and what an experience. I went on Saturday and took it fairly well. Im not gone lie it hurt like hell but it was worth it. She started talking to me and getting me realxed and Im thinking this may first time, but after that I just jumped. There where some places that hurt way more than others. The area that hurt me the most is the thickest part of the hair on the lips, and boy did that area hurt. I got all hot and sweating and I was just real uptight on that area but I got through it and did it. The butt area was cool, I could barely feel it back there. That was better than getting your eyes down. But yea thats my experience..I will be going back, the results were amazing!! Its so smooth and shaving or nair cant do that for me... Im the Brazilian girl!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Go Ham...

"I Go Ham , I Go Ham, I Go Ham, I Go I Go Hard As A MutherFucker!!"

Did you know that Ham was a Acronym for the part "Hard As A Mutherfucker" Excuse the extra A

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

OMG GIRLZ- Pretty Girl Bag

The Brazilian

Come this sunday I will be getting my first bikini wax! Im super excited!!!!! But yet scared at the same time. I was on the phone with Austi last night and we where watching videos together of people getting them and it slick freaked me out! But ima still go through with it. I hate shaving and I know waxes last longer so ima invest in it! I mean shaving is cool and its cheaper but gosh its takes about a good 8 mis to get everything off, I got mine down to a science, but then sometimes my hair frizzes even with shower cap and that pisses me off about shaving! Everytime! Then I dont like the razor bumps. Mine arent bad but there starting to come in, so I wanna avoid that. I want a clean crotch with no bumps or discoloration!! So waxing is perfect for me and ima get the cream to help take away the pumps so Ill be looking good.

Come sunday I will be giving up that $55 to get my brazilian. The brazilian is when they get everything. Thats the butt area too..hehehe... I hate that crap. I dont even understand why it grows in there??? But it has to go with everything else too. I know there are some girls who preferr a little hair or bush but me as a female ITS GOTTA GO!!!! I hate the thought of it. And I need to be able to see!! So when sunday comes ima be a brand new woman!! Lol

Signed: The Next Brazilian

Monday, August 2, 2010


Well today I started packing...

I remembered when I moved in that room..I thought of all things I would do to make it [ME]. I would have slumber parties, trying clothes on in my favorite mirror, where I would hang my flat screen, I mean all sorts of things flew through my head. But yet now its time to pack all my things up and move to a new room...

I remember when I saw my closet...I feel in love!! I own a big walk in closet and it can fit everything in it. The best memory in there was when I had this guy over and he wasnt supposed to be there of course and my mama came home so I put him in the closet..hahaha he was super hot!!!!! I mean he acted like it was a cramped closet he had a whole bunch of room! But luckily I got him out without my momma knowing, boy just thinking about that makes me laugh..Then there was the big blow up with my sister in that closet. We argued over Stephon and it ended pretty ugly in there. I cried myself to a headache in there! Or there was the time everything at the top of my shelves fell on my head!! Talking bout pain, I was in pain! Then theres all the times Ive just stood there looking for something to wear and thinking I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!! LOL But now its time to pack all those clothes and shoes up. I dread doing this because I have so many clothes!! I took 9 bags too summer school and 6 where clothes I already know this gone be ugly! I started packing all my jeans and dresses but it got overwhelming and I didnt wanna do it any more..yeah LAZY I know!

My Bed..Oh how will I miss the times we shared...

I was 11 when I finally got my full size bed and we been together every since then...I even lost my v-card in that bad boy!! Worst night ever hahaha!! I still have those sheets btw..I spent many nights in that bed, happy, sad, crying, staring at the wall, sick, bored, angry, hell anything you name it. Im going to miss that bed. Its so soft and comfy, its like that bed was made for me! Oh how I will miss you. The beds in the dorm are okay but I gotta get a feather down for it..spoiled I know but I gotta sleep like a princess!

My favorite mirror..
The nights I just sat in front of you and stared at myself or sat in front of you on the phone..I will miss you full lenght mirror. I cant take it with though :(( I really want to but I have no room in the car and its upsetting. But my new roon comes with a full lenght so im gucci.

Man ima miss you room..Just know you will always have a special place in my heart. My moms moving in the fall and probaly when I get back I will have a new room..Im packing my room and having to say good bye to it. All the pictures hanging of me and juice have to come down or my big bulletion board, putting things in boxes to only put in storage but just know things we will meet again in soon time..Oh how I will miss you..

Signed: The Empty Room