Friday, July 30, 2010

Dam He Grew Up!

So today I was surfing the net and my usual stop is, well today Soulja Boy was featured on there today. Well today he caught my eye which is unusual because I think dude is ugly. I remember when he would wear the oversized clothes and those horrible glasses! I hated when everybody wore them too! That was so ugly. Then he made all those songs that had the dances, like dude come on, but now his new song is kinda cute. I just like the course and the part when his says pretty boy taking off in 5,4,3,2, but still he has grown up. Like now he's all tatted up and and got the little s-curl going on and he is even wearing fitted clothes. Yesterday was his 20th birthday, happy birthday btw, I did not know he was that old though, but he can still have my number though(serious face). He did something to me today.. I think im follow him on twitter today...

Heres the before and after pics





Signed: Your New Number 1 Fan

Im Gone Be Baldheaded

So this Wednesday I went to get my hair done by my one and only hairdresser Sparkle. Well this was worst time even going to the beauty shop. Well I got my usal wash and treatmeant and then Sparkly was like lets try the irons..u know the ones you put in the stove..well this was her first time using them EVER!! Well that was a big mistake!! I thought yea I trust Sparkle to try this in my hair, I mean we always try different stuff so why not? So she flat ironed my whole head and we waitted for the irons to heat. Well when they got hot she put it on my head..WELL THEY WHERE TO HOT AND MY HAIR BROKE OFF!! She burned my hair and boy was I upset. I cried like boo-hooed in the chair and everything!! Sparkle did too. I felt bad and then soon got over it. It was in the back and nobody can see it so I ended up getting over it but Sparkle was realy upset. But my hair due ended up being free and we moved on from it. I loved my hair too. And I still going back to her in two weeks. I love Sparkle and it was a mistake and my hair will grow back!


Club or The Zoo

Well last night I went to the club thinkng it was gone be okay.. Well I was so wrong!! It waas like a zoo full of animals!!

1. I stood in line for a freaking hour!!!
2.I sweated my freshly done hair out!!
3.I paid 15 for Bone??? Ugh Im loosing out here..
4. There was 5 fight and atleast one person wa stazzed from the fight!!
5. My feet where hurting so bad..not a good idea for five inch heels..
6. The dude who was taking pictures was being an ass..but I did get my flymajor pic!

So this goes to show you that I wasnt missing anything and im glad I havent been in that ratchet place! Never again will I go to that until the beginning of next summer when its still lowkey cause once everybody knows everybody and they daddy goes. Ugh it was the worst. Im usally the clubber but gosh this was the worst and I speak so highly of Flymajor parties. So ill be waiting untill school comes and see what there parties are talking bout hopefully fun times...

Signed : Am I Zoo Keeper?
A university is a college with a stadium seating over 40,000. ~Leonard L. Levinson

This Quote Is UT All The Way...

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
You're on your own.
And you know what you know.
You are the guy who'll decide where to go.
~Dr. Seuss

Guess What I Have 14 Days Left...Its BitterSweet

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Crusher...

Well in my last post I talked about my crush on this guy. Well I told him what was up and I got the access DENIED!!! He never replied to me and my little heart is crushed.. Im super BUMMED!! Last night I was feeling stupid and sad but this guy name Devon gave me some good advice and it made feel good that I did send him the message even though he never wrote back. Sandy tried to make me feel a little better saying maybe he just didnt check his messages but I bet he did. He was on facebook writting people and posting new statuses so gosh I know he seen my message. So come fall when I do see him Im gone hide my face and never ever speak of my name around him. Im so embarrssed if I was to ever be around him or anything... Gosh now I feel stupid

Signed: That Stupid Feeling...

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Gotta Crush On You :))

So last night I was talking to Jasma on skype and we talked about everything under the sun then we started talking bout school and relationships. Well im single and im so gone be on the prowl for my future boo. So I told her about this guy who I have the biggest crush on. Gosh this guy is dreamy in my eyes but the fact is he doesnt even know who I am! BIG BUMMER!!! Well im very outgoing so Jasma was like say something to him, I was a little scared about the thought of me coming on to him and him rejecting me. But hey what do I have to loose??? So I was writting out what I would say to dude and I felt more and more stupid but I finally came up with what I wanted to say to him and not sound all desperate.

Well this morning I was pumped about sending the message and when going on his facebook page.. mind you we arent friends on there either, he has to many friends... i got scared all over. So I read and read the message and then finally sent it after just sitting there looking at the message and now all I can do is wait. But why am I scared to get back in facebook though?? Like what if he doesnt even write me back?? OMG I have so many things going on in my head. But I can only keep my fingers crossed. Ill keep you posted guys.

Signed: Crushing Real Bad

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Long Hair Dont Care


So I really want to cut my hair but Im really scared so... I think ima do a weave or something to see if I like it? What you think about the short hairstyle?? Its something different and drastic but I just hope it fits my face!

My Big 1-8

Well Mom has been asking me what I want lately and I been like idk?? Well I didnt utill I ran into these babies...I really really really want both pairs but idk if my mons gone pay 200 for both pairs but if she really loves me like she says she does then she should! Heres a pic



Arent they fabulous???

My Inspiration..She's A Bad Itch!

Dominique Nicole Webb ‎-- You never have to emphasize that you're a lady and you're classy. If you truly are, what you stand for speaks for itself.

Ive know Dom for awhile now and when I tell you shes a different breed shes AMAZING!!! One day I know shes gone be somebody cause she already knows she is somebody!! I aspire to be like her and her motivation!! She too goes to UT alsp and last semester she mad all A's!! I know if she can party and maintain I can too, I just got to foucs!!! Dom also has the best quotes and status on facebook by far!! I swear she always has like 50 people liking her status!! Keep It Up Girl!!


Shes Such A Diva With A Passion For Fashion Like Me

My Problem..

Well as much of my summer Ive spent it in a Mall and thats so bad. This summer for summer school we got a 1500 check for doing summer school and guess what it is gone all on clothes! Thats a dam shame but I couldnt help it. Even the money my mom has given me after I got home has went on clothes. But let me tell you the bad part. Yesterday I went shopping and I was in Charollete Russe and MY CARD WAS DECLIEND!!!!! I figured it would do that sooner or later but I didnt expect it right there. Lucky for me nobody was around cause I wouldve been looking stupid and I had so cash on me to or I really wouldve looked foolish not being able to pay! Ugh I need some help really bad..I only have 6.98 in my bank account and thats bad! So now I have to figure something out because being not able to buy nothing with me is like me being a crack head scratching I swear!! I throw fits and have a major attitude!! Ask my mom! She already told me I have a problem and I can admitt that I would spend my last dollar on clothes and thats the honest god truth with me..smh...

I want to post some pictures but my photobucket is acting funcky so ill do it later!

Love; Heartbreak

I just dont know anymore....

In recent post I told everybody how I was extra single and wasnt looking and I still stand firm in my post! But things have gone from good to bad with this guy I was just friends with... Well we've had history and now I just wanna be friends but he wants diffrent. Ugh.. We steady go through this talk of how im selfish and mean because I dont want to be in a relationship but dang why when I wanted a relationship you werent ready or you was playing this games??? But now your ready and Im just passsed that stage you wanna get mad..UGHHHH IT MAKES ME SCREAM!!!!!!

People have tried there best to help me see the light with his new profund self but I already know this and theres nothing that anybody can say to me that will change my mind. I mean I just wanna be FRIENDS with dude and nothing more!! NO BENIFITS NO DATES NO NOTHING just PLAIN OL FRIENDS!!!!!!!

The relationship between us ship has sailed along time ago when dude was fucking up and I dont wanna deal with that anymore and there are other reasons that I dont wanna elaborate on but yal all know what happens when its breakup season and what goes on. So as of now the friendship role is the only thing that can happen with us!

Well this is my vent on this situation because Ambre's in Ohio and we cant talk so ugh..Bloggers what should I do just leave him totally alone or just try to get through his head we just gone be friends???


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Billionaire or Millionaire?

So I know yal have heard the song..I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad..
That my jam!!!!! I love this song so much!!! Every time I hear this song I sing it so loudly!!

"Oh every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different city every night oh
I swear the world better prepare
For when I’m a billionaire
Oh oooh oh oooh for when I’m a Billionaire
Oh oooh oh oooh for when I’m a Billionaire"

So I was thinking about what would I do if I was a billionaire?? I swear I would buy like everything!! But I would save alot, and give alot to charities. I would try to be the next Oprah..SERIOUS FACE!!! I would make sure my family was straight first then Me then I would take care of the world.

I would buy:

A Range Rover
A Home
High Fashion Clothes
Heels, Heels, Heels!!
Probaly Start A Clothing Line
Its So Much I Would Do..

I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
Buy all of the things I never had
Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

I wanna be a billionaire so frickin bad!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Your Love- Nicki

Okay now Im a big Nicki fan but this video was a on the cheap side. She knows ways better than this! I know she the real different one and always doing crazy stuff but I mean this video was horrible! I just laughed the whole time! Espically the end when she died and the blood came out but it was red ribbon.. SERIOUSLY NICKI??? But other then the whole video being ribbon sheets it was creative but a little to under budget next video step it girl!!!

Prince's Chicken

OMG.....Its Like Heaven In Your Mouth Only Hot As HELL!!!!

So most of you know ive been in Knoxville all summer and boy have I been craving some Prince's Chicken!! I usally get the mild breast qrt. with extra pickels and two packs of ranch with a 7up! Its finger licking good!!!! So today Ambre and I went all the way out there...its in madison 30mins from where we live. So we get there and theres a wait as usal (30 mins to 1hour) and our wait was about 30. Today I got the medium a step up from mild and then he hit me with the wham! NO RANCH!!!!! Uhmm how do yall not have any ranch??? So Ambre went across to Kroger and bought some ranch..yes it was that serious!!! But when we got back our chicken was ready and I f-ed it up!!!!!! I couldnt eat the skin at the end my mouth was just to hot and throat was already on fire!!! But at the end of the day it was so good!!!! For 5 dolloars man im too full!!! Im gone have to go back before I go back to Knox!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010


The new hobby I really want to get into is Scrapbooking.
I really havent figured out why but I think it would be something interesting to get into and really keep up with my memories. College is coming up and I wanna remember everything!! All the fun and sad, drunk, sober, and fanstatic moments!! Anyhow.. I seen some cute books and little things to go in the book and got ohber excitied!! Hopefully Im gone buy the book before school so I can have everything together. I cant wait to start, my mom even thought it would be a good idea. You know what that means shes buying it!! She just doesnt know yet

Random Things That I Want To Do Before Going To College

1. Have A Dinner With My Closets Girls

2. Have A Dinner With The Hume Fogg Girls

3. Houka Bar

4. Get Wasted

5. Go To The Movies and Atleast See 3 Movies

6. Have A Pinic (Really Random)

7. Tattoo (I Know What I Want Too)

8. Buy 3 Pairs Of Tennis Shoes

9. Buy Shirts..Like Regualar Ones

10. Big SleepOver

11.Club AtLeast Twice More (IDK Though)

12.Go To Strike And Spare (Never Been)

13. Nashville Shores

14. Bikkni Wax (First Time)


The Love Life

As of now im still SINGLE
But im happy with my choice
Im choosing not to be with anyone
Well theres really nobody I wanna be with..
So ima wait till I get to school to see whats out there
No Dude No Problems
True Story!!!!

If you think Im with someone this should clear that up
Please dont let anybody tell you different

I was readinng a post by my booski and he was saying how everybody in Nashville has talked to someone you know and he was right. I cant handle that either. Its like your not sure if he could have something or been with 5 of your homegirls or close friends..hell and you never know if he still messing around with them. I just hate that!! So I dont want to date anybody from home anymore. Ugh!! I just sick of im living the single life and im really happy

Random Post- My Birthday


Gifts would be nice...hehe

Thursday, July 8, 2010

So Many Opitions

When Your With Somebody, It Seems As Though Everybody Wants You But When Your Single All No One Calls...
But Yet Whe You Do Get A Offer It Seems As Though You Get 5 At One Time?? Weird

Its summer and you know they say when it gets hot dudes show they tail... Its true. Well as most of you know ive been in Knoxville for awhile but now im back. Well of these couple weeks ive been gone, I havent been talking to anyone. SURPRISING?? I know!!! I could really say if someone was to ask me, you talk to someone?? I could respond no!! I had grew to the feeling, it really helped me learn about me and fix me and not be worried about the next. But now Im facing a major problem. And idk what to do???

Well it seems that I have more offers than I have time for. Guys arent really my focus anymore because ive grown to the single life but the company of them is cool. I dont wanna be like oh I dont want to talk to them because I do really like them but Idk anything else to do. They seem to really like me but I dont want to pass up something good..Ugh im stuck in rock and hard place. Whats a girl to do???

Ill keep you posted!

I Miss My Home

Today is the first of being home from Knoxville and I already miss it. I truley fell in love with the thought of being in college and just the people and the place. Right now I would be enjoying lunch with the girls or messing with boys or in the library. Im still trying to adjust to Nashville time because im surely running on Knoxville time. I guess you can say I got comfortable and got used to being there. I woke up this moring and was like im late for class but I realized this was no class. =(

I know once fall comes around Ima enjoy myself. I cant wait Aug 11 isnt coming around quick enough....