Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What The Hell Am I Doing With My Liffe

"Finding yourself is a journey we all go through,
its the path we take that makes the journey
long or short, hard or easy"

Today is the day my world stopped seriously... So when i was you I figured that I would be a doctor or maybe even some type of therapist, but when coming to college I just new my major would be pharmacy but now..IM CLUELESS!!!!

Today I went to career services and thought I got the best advice, I was gone go head and be a Pre-Med major but I soon was hit with a brick wall. I HATE SCIENCE I thought to myself. So now im asking myself what will I major in. I was told that I could do all my classes in 3years then my senior year I could go right into med school. Sounds good right well!! I know, I thought so too. But then she and some other people brought me down off cloud nine, they told me I wouldn't have a social life!! Like her exact words where you have to focused and there's no time for failure. UGH!! That wasn't what I wanted to hear at all. So now im asking myself what will I be doing with my life??? Ugh im super lost!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Beyonce Clown

scarlet takes a tumble (best version)

Closing The Chapter...

"Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak;
sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go"


Its time to close the old and open a new.
Me and You are now through and I have made the choice.
Its for the best and I no this will be too.
Today was the day we spoke in awhile.
I thought the conversation was gone go a little differently
I held my ground even when you did try to be funny.
I know now when I do come home we wont be speaking
but at least I don't have the thought of killing you anymore.
I have hard feelings toward you but I told you this.
I know im over you because I don't think about you as much and your the least of my worries,
I don't even get mad when I hear of something you did.
I just shrug and im proud of myself.
Im even cool with the fact that your now talking to one of my good friends that's in my circle. (no comment).
The things you did are unforgettable good and bad but hey that's relationships.
The times we've shared are ones I wont forget
I know you'll always have a special place in my heart and memory book.
Im upset of our ending but that was gods plan for me to find better obviously.
Thank you for all the good lessons you've taught me
I hope not to make the mistakes again in future relations.
This wasn't meant to bash you or make you feel bad
this was just my way of closing the door.

This Post Is Just My Way Of Letting Go and Moving On
Im Closing The Chapter Of Stephon
And Opening A New Book

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Experience Of A Lifetime

LEAD -- an acronym for "Leadership in a diverse world," "Excellence in all endeavors," "Achievement through academic success," "Diversity as a core value in education and society" -- is modeled after several successful programs designed to boost retention and success at other flagship research universities.

Lead is an experience in itself. The goal of Lead is to transition us from high school to college and to prepare us for whats ahead in the fall. But ive learned that and so much more.
Ive learned just to be myself and follow my full instincts. Ive built a friendship with this girl name Jasmine Hendrix and she's taught me many lessons in itself. Ive learned also that im the little fish in a big pond. That means to me that im not home any more and that its my brand new start. I dont want to burn bridges with people or even has that excess drama with me, its just not cool.

Ive had the oppurtunity to do so many things I wouldnt have imagine I would be doing. Lead has to took me white water rafting, 3 special dinners, the movies to see Karaate Kid and Toy Story 3(which was the bomb!!!), baseball games and even did community service. These all will be memories that I will cherish, things like this dont happen everyday for me so when I get the chance to do things I take them and run with it. My experience with white water rafting was life changing and so great. I wouldve never found myself doing that activiy. I even rode the bull, fell out the boat, and got to float around in the water, thats something I could never forget. Toy Story a great movie, might I add, told the happy ending of the toys! I SO CRIED LIKE A BIG BABY!! The community service was a great lesson and rewarding experience. Me, out of all people, I got the dirtiest and wasn't afraid to mess up m nails. I even designed the flower beds for them!!! With Leads help we changed a lot and made a big difference to them. I know all these memories will be the ones to stick by me.

What Ive Learned?

Ive learned a lot through this experience. I know it may sound repetitive but its true. Its know been 3 weeks and let me be the one to say they have been jammed pack. I promise you, ive had my reality check real quick. Ive learned things from friendships, relationships, people, school work ect. Lead gave me the opportunity and I'm appreciative it. I know now that complaining isn't gone change the situation so I have to take my lemons and make lemonade!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Service Is Ur Career?


Apart of my class we had to attend career services
Well first off its early and that the room was very cold.
It started off well..
I learned the different things i like and disliked
I got my results back also on what i most likely would like to do in a career
I was overly excited about the other things that i could do and that i found interest in
Pharmacy and Radiologist Technologist (something im really intersed in but utk doesn't offer :(()
Im thinking about some of those things to do as well..
I learned the different aspects of careers and even different resources career services offers
She gave us some notes on things and gave us different hand outs on our personal careers
This day was okay...


Mind you its early again and its still cold
This day was boring and not that beneficial
It wasnt like we really needed to go
We used the clickers and took a survey
But the best part about it is that we got out early!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life After Highschool

"College is the best time of your life. When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk every night? ~David Wood"

Lol! This quote could sum up a lot for most college students but for me its a little different. I reached the decision to attend The University of Tennessee Knoxville and embark on becoming a future VOL. I know when the fall starts I really wanna stay focused because academic success is the number one goal. But what stands out?? Theres the meeting new people and social events and BOYS, and learning new things, parties, BOYS, and football/basketball games and BOYS!! I wanna become apart of SGA as well, I want my class's voice to be heard and that's something I really wanna do for my freshman class. Also the different programs is something I wanna get involved with, there is so many things just to be in I don't know where to start. The new change of scenery is something that stands out. Knoxville is what stands a lot to me. Its a new place and I really wanna be able to know the city inside and out. The people here are nice but ive heard the rumors but that doesn't scare me. I know this college will stand out regardless, its HUGE!!! Have you seen the library??? I cant wait for the different social events and be apart of the community that's accepting for who you are. I know freshman week is gone be the BOMB DIGGITY! Theres alot that stands out ill keep you posted....