Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Describing Myself In One Word

Today I had a lot to think and get myself together with. I had fail my Portugese Exam, i got sick and to top it off my freshman pagent application is due soon...

So today I started off with a hot cup off TheraFlu and it got me going good! Then I got all my materials and came to the library and had to be focused! I stared with my math and finished it all! Im so proud of myself as well, all 100's on it! Then next was my Portugese...I made flash cards and went over the voice records that the teacher has for us..I have to do better in this class cause if not I know I will get lazy and not do it anymore. So I did over a hundred flash cards and been going at it for about a couple hours..I think im on a roll!!

So you wonder what does this have to do with me describing myself in one word?? Well my freshman pagent application played a huge part in my whole day and why I told you this long story...Well one of the questions on the application askes in one describe yourself???? I swear I sat here for an hour and thought of all the words I could say or use...the first word that came to mind was Fabulous but I didnt wanna use that one word it seems to be the one word everybody would expect me to say...So then I started looking up words..Tantalizing, Ambitious,Independent,....I came up with 20 words but I can only use one word!

So today..I have been hard working, lazy, an achevier, ill, social, and lots of other words but yet if I had to use one word to decribe my day I wouldnt know what to say.....Just like on this application I have to do! Ugh Im stressing!

Monday, September 6, 2010

I get the kind of money that make a broke bitch bitter
I got that kinda… wait wait fixate!
F-ck I look like hoe
I look like yes and you like no
Im a bad bitch I aint never been a mixed breed.

The New Lingo

Junt- This could be a pretty girl or guy, or your boo, or an ugly person or anything basically!

I swear I hear this word everyday all day!

Shawty- you guys know what that mean..but this is hip now AGAIN!

Fasho- okay

is it not cool to say okay anymore??

Good Times At UT







Dont Date Anybody Stay Single!


This is what is told to you as a freshman and its suppose to stick but everybody knows you have to be harded and do anyway! LOL!!!!! The Greeks here are kinda cute and the Athleles are just tall giants around here but yet they seem to be the more approachable ones and the cutest ones! I feel like you can date them, I mean they are just as human as the regular joes, but with some letters or play a sport, they pussy rate is just higher than the regular joes ya know? So I told myself, if I date a greek or athlete they only get one chance and thats for the whole four years of college! I feel like you cant date just anybody and when dating them you have to be careful!! They be trying to get ya and that can not be Kandace Knight reputation going up in smoke! But yet Kandace plays the friend role around here, so I just befriend all them, they seem to more interested in my homies anyway so Im good I guess..Maybe one though.. but im in no rush to date them thoug they seem to very friendly and frisky and idk if I can handle all that..lol

Good Ole Rocky Top

Well as everybody knows I attened UT and its the best!! Im so glad I came here. There are alot of white people who go here! There everywhere and the black community is small and close nit. So if you do something wrong trust someone will see or know! But anyway, Ive been in school for about 3 weeks about now its really starting to sink in for me. Classes are great except my Portugese! I dont know why I took that freaking class but Im stuck with it! Anyways..well thats just a taste of school, my next post will have the good details!