Monday, August 9, 2010

How to Safely Get a Bikini Wax |

How to Safely Get a Bikini Wax |

So as most of you know I got my first Bikini Wax and what an experience. I went on Saturday and took it fairly well. Im not gone lie it hurt like hell but it was worth it. She started talking to me and getting me realxed and Im thinking this may first time, but after that I just jumped. There where some places that hurt way more than others. The area that hurt me the most is the thickest part of the hair on the lips, and boy did that area hurt. I got all hot and sweating and I was just real uptight on that area but I got through it and did it. The butt area was cool, I could barely feel it back there. That was better than getting your eyes down. But yea thats my experience..I will be going back, the results were amazing!! Its so smooth and shaving or nair cant do that for me... Im the Brazilian girl!!

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  1. Hi Kandace, I’m glad that you had a good experience on your very first bikini waxing session. It even motivated you to return to the salon! Well, it’s a normal to experience pain and discomfort on your very first session, but as you continue the process, the pain will become more bearable. Doing bikini waxing regularly is beneficial to your hygiene.

    Justine Cricks