Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Brazilian

Come this sunday I will be getting my first bikini wax! Im super excited!!!!! But yet scared at the same time. I was on the phone with Austi last night and we where watching videos together of people getting them and it slick freaked me out! But ima still go through with it. I hate shaving and I know waxes last longer so ima invest in it! I mean shaving is cool and its cheaper but gosh its takes about a good 8 mis to get everything off, I got mine down to a science, but then sometimes my hair frizzes even with shower cap and that pisses me off about shaving! Everytime! Then I dont like the razor bumps. Mine arent bad but there starting to come in, so I wanna avoid that. I want a clean crotch with no bumps or discoloration!! So waxing is perfect for me and ima get the cream to help take away the pumps so Ill be looking good.

Come sunday I will be giving up that $55 to get my brazilian. The brazilian is when they get everything. Thats the butt area too..hehehe... I hate that crap. I dont even understand why it grows in there??? But it has to go with everything else too. I know there are some girls who preferr a little hair or bush but me as a female ITS GOTTA GO!!!! I hate the thought of it. And I need to be able to see!! So when sunday comes ima be a brand new woman!! Lol

Signed: The Next Brazilian


  1. omgggg! haha i could NOT do that...i would die. good luck!!!! lol

  2. hahahahahahahaha! kandace u are so funny. but ouch this is DEFINATELY gonna hurt. let me know how it turns out though because I hate those hair bumps!!

  3. lol i will!! My moms video taping for me!!! So youlll see me go through it!! But ladies this is a must for me!!! Im tired of the shaving!