Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Describing Myself In One Word

Today I had a lot to think and get myself together with. I had fail my Portugese Exam, i got sick and to top it off my freshman pagent application is due soon...

So today I started off with a hot cup off TheraFlu and it got me going good! Then I got all my materials and came to the library and had to be focused! I stared with my math and finished it all! Im so proud of myself as well, all 100's on it! Then next was my Portugese...I made flash cards and went over the voice records that the teacher has for us..I have to do better in this class cause if not I know I will get lazy and not do it anymore. So I did over a hundred flash cards and been going at it for about a couple hours..I think im on a roll!!

So you wonder what does this have to do with me describing myself in one word?? Well my freshman pagent application played a huge part in my whole day and why I told you this long story...Well one of the questions on the application askes in one describe yourself???? I swear I sat here for an hour and thought of all the words I could say or use...the first word that came to mind was Fabulous but I didnt wanna use that one word it seems to be the one word everybody would expect me to say...So then I started looking up words..Tantalizing, Ambitious,Independent,....I came up with 20 words but I can only use one word!

So today..I have been hard working, lazy, an achevier, ill, social, and lots of other words but yet if I had to use one word to decribe my day I wouldnt know what to say.....Just like on this application I have to do! Ugh Im stressing!


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