Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life After Highschool

"College is the best time of your life. When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk every night? ~David Wood"

Lol! This quote could sum up a lot for most college students but for me its a little different. I reached the decision to attend The University of Tennessee Knoxville and embark on becoming a future VOL. I know when the fall starts I really wanna stay focused because academic success is the number one goal. But what stands out?? Theres the meeting new people and social events and BOYS, and learning new things, parties, BOYS, and football/basketball games and BOYS!! I wanna become apart of SGA as well, I want my class's voice to be heard and that's something I really wanna do for my freshman class. Also the different programs is something I wanna get involved with, there is so many things just to be in I don't know where to start. The new change of scenery is something that stands out. Knoxville is what stands a lot to me. Its a new place and I really wanna be able to know the city inside and out. The people here are nice but ive heard the rumors but that doesn't scare me. I know this college will stand out regardless, its HUGE!!! Have you seen the library??? I cant wait for the different social events and be apart of the community that's accepting for who you are. I know freshman week is gone be the BOMB DIGGITY! Theres alot that stands out ill keep you posted....



  1. I am loving your background and pictures and images you have used for your background! Good job!

    Your post was also fun to read through! I agree that UT is huge and it takes some time to get adjusted to all there is to this place, but after four years I am sure you will know it inside and out. The same is true for Knoxville.

    Kandace, your personality is infectious and I know you will do well when it comes to being involved on campus and finding your place in the sea of orange here. But make sure to prioritize. I notice that one of your fascinations was BOYS! While it is great and fun to date and have relationships with the opposite sex, it is also important to remember why you are here at UT. As you heard today, boys can come with lots of drama and heartache. I just don't want you to become stressed out unnecessarily for reasons that could have been avoided. But yes, definitely have fun and make sure to always remember your worth when involving yourself with boys or young men. Lol.

    Stay true to yourself and what you were taught as a young girl. Now you are a young lady and it is your time to really show what you are made of!

    CNW :-)

  2. LOL I knew you where gone bring up the boys..lol that was my joke but yet oh so true but I will be focused and stay with school first boys second