Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Service Is Ur Career?


Apart of my class we had to attend career services
Well first off its early and that the room was very cold.
It started off well..
I learned the different things i like and disliked
I got my results back also on what i most likely would like to do in a career
I was overly excited about the other things that i could do and that i found interest in
Pharmacy and Radiologist Technologist (something im really intersed in but utk doesn't offer :(()
Im thinking about some of those things to do as well..
I learned the different aspects of careers and even different resources career services offers
She gave us some notes on things and gave us different hand outs on our personal careers
This day was okay...


Mind you its early again and its still cold
This day was boring and not that beneficial
It wasnt like we really needed to go
We used the clickers and took a survey
But the best part about it is that we got out early!!!!

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  1. I think that Rad Techs are usually found at technical colleges, although I could be mistaken. Although UT might not have that specific major, I am sure there are others that are similar and may be just as interesting to you. There will be a medical student at the "Life After Undergrad" panel on Friday. He might just have some helpful information for you. Make sure to read his documents on Blackboard and have some questions ready to ask him.

    CNW :-)