Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Inspiration..She's A Bad Itch!

Dominique Nicole Webb ‎-- You never have to emphasize that you're a lady and you're classy. If you truly are, what you stand for speaks for itself.

Ive know Dom for awhile now and when I tell you shes a different breed shes AMAZING!!! One day I know shes gone be somebody cause she already knows she is somebody!! I aspire to be like her and her motivation!! She too goes to UT alsp and last semester she mad all A's!! I know if she can party and maintain I can too, I just got to foucs!!! Dom also has the best quotes and status on facebook by far!! I swear she always has like 50 people liking her status!! Keep It Up Girl!!


Shes Such A Diva With A Passion For Fashion Like Me

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