Saturday, July 24, 2010

Love; Heartbreak

I just dont know anymore....

In recent post I told everybody how I was extra single and wasnt looking and I still stand firm in my post! But things have gone from good to bad with this guy I was just friends with... Well we've had history and now I just wanna be friends but he wants diffrent. Ugh.. We steady go through this talk of how im selfish and mean because I dont want to be in a relationship but dang why when I wanted a relationship you werent ready or you was playing this games??? But now your ready and Im just passsed that stage you wanna get mad..UGHHHH IT MAKES ME SCREAM!!!!!!

People have tried there best to help me see the light with his new profund self but I already know this and theres nothing that anybody can say to me that will change my mind. I mean I just wanna be FRIENDS with dude and nothing more!! NO BENIFITS NO DATES NO NOTHING just PLAIN OL FRIENDS!!!!!!!

The relationship between us ship has sailed along time ago when dude was fucking up and I dont wanna deal with that anymore and there are other reasons that I dont wanna elaborate on but yal all know what happens when its breakup season and what goes on. So as of now the friendship role is the only thing that can happen with us!

Well this is my vent on this situation because Ambre's in Ohio and we cant talk so ugh..Bloggers what should I do just leave him totally alone or just try to get through his head we just gone be friends???



  1. LMAO U are nuts but this situation is getting out of hands and me and him have to find a middle ground