Monday, July 19, 2010


The new hobby I really want to get into is Scrapbooking.
I really havent figured out why but I think it would be something interesting to get into and really keep up with my memories. College is coming up and I wanna remember everything!! All the fun and sad, drunk, sober, and fanstatic moments!! Anyhow.. I seen some cute books and little things to go in the book and got ohber excitied!! Hopefully Im gone buy the book before school so I can have everything together. I cant wait to start, my mom even thought it would be a good idea. You know what that means shes buying it!! She just doesnt know yet

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  1. omg! i love scrapbooking. i juhst did a fashion one of all my fav looks from all my mags. love it&doing it.

    also... your blog is the cutest thing ever. mind if i steal you fashion pics. :D