Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Prince's Chicken

OMG.....Its Like Heaven In Your Mouth Only Hot As HELL!!!!

So most of you know ive been in Knoxville all summer and boy have I been craving some Prince's Chicken!! I usally get the mild breast qrt. with extra pickels and two packs of ranch with a 7up! Its finger licking good!!!! So today Ambre and I went all the way out there...its in madison 30mins from where we live. So we get there and theres a wait as usal (30 mins to 1hour) and our wait was about 30. Today I got the medium a step up from mild and then he hit me with the wham! NO RANCH!!!!! Uhmm how do yall not have any ranch??? So Ambre went across to Kroger and bought some ranch..yes it was that serious!!! But when we got back our chicken was ready and I f-ed it up!!!!!! I couldnt eat the skin at the end my mouth was just to hot and throat was already on fire!!! But at the end of the day it was so good!!!! For 5 dolloars man im too full!!! Im gone have to go back before I go back to Knox!!!

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