Friday, July 30, 2010

Im Gone Be Baldheaded

So this Wednesday I went to get my hair done by my one and only hairdresser Sparkle. Well this was worst time even going to the beauty shop. Well I got my usal wash and treatmeant and then Sparkly was like lets try the irons..u know the ones you put in the stove..well this was her first time using them EVER!! Well that was a big mistake!! I thought yea I trust Sparkle to try this in my hair, I mean we always try different stuff so why not? So she flat ironed my whole head and we waitted for the irons to heat. Well when they got hot she put it on my head..WELL THEY WHERE TO HOT AND MY HAIR BROKE OFF!! She burned my hair and boy was I upset. I cried like boo-hooed in the chair and everything!! Sparkle did too. I felt bad and then soon got over it. It was in the back and nobody can see it so I ended up getting over it but Sparkle was realy upset. But my hair due ended up being free and we moved on from it. I loved my hair too. And I still going back to her in two weeks. I love Sparkle and it was a mistake and my hair will grow back!


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