Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Problem..

Well as much of my summer Ive spent it in a Mall and thats so bad. This summer for summer school we got a 1500 check for doing summer school and guess what it is gone all on clothes! Thats a dam shame but I couldnt help it. Even the money my mom has given me after I got home has went on clothes. But let me tell you the bad part. Yesterday I went shopping and I was in Charollete Russe and MY CARD WAS DECLIEND!!!!! I figured it would do that sooner or later but I didnt expect it right there. Lucky for me nobody was around cause I wouldve been looking stupid and I had so cash on me to or I really wouldve looked foolish not being able to pay! Ugh I need some help really bad..I only have 6.98 in my bank account and thats bad! So now I have to figure something out because being not able to buy nothing with me is like me being a crack head scratching I swear!! I throw fits and have a major attitude!! Ask my mom! She already told me I have a problem and I can admitt that I would spend my last dollar on clothes and thats the honest god truth with me..smh...

I want to post some pictures but my photobucket is acting funcky so ill do it later!

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