Thursday, July 8, 2010

So Many Opitions

When Your With Somebody, It Seems As Though Everybody Wants You But When Your Single All No One Calls...
But Yet Whe You Do Get A Offer It Seems As Though You Get 5 At One Time?? Weird

Its summer and you know they say when it gets hot dudes show they tail... Its true. Well as most of you know ive been in Knoxville for awhile but now im back. Well of these couple weeks ive been gone, I havent been talking to anyone. SURPRISING?? I know!!! I could really say if someone was to ask me, you talk to someone?? I could respond no!! I had grew to the feeling, it really helped me learn about me and fix me and not be worried about the next. But now Im facing a major problem. And idk what to do???

Well it seems that I have more offers than I have time for. Guys arent really my focus anymore because ive grown to the single life but the company of them is cool. I dont wanna be like oh I dont want to talk to them because I do really like them but Idk anything else to do. They seem to really like me but I dont want to pass up something good..Ugh im stuck in rock and hard place. Whats a girl to do???

Ill keep you posted!

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